For 22 years, Melanie Posey says she was blessed to live out her dream job in the media field as a reporter, but as the industry changed in various ways and she started a family, she was looking to make a change and find a new challenge. The veteran reporter found that in her own city as the new Public Information Officer. Melanie’s love of Hoover starts with its diversity.

What do you love about Hoover?

I love the diversity of Hoover. And when I say diversity, I mean that on many different levels. I have been able to make friends with and live beside friends from different ethnicities and nationalities.  My neighborhood is truly a reflection of this great country we live in. Recreationally, my daughter and I have been able to experience everything from fencing to rock climbing to volleyball, all within the city. I love the diversity in shopping that is right in my backyard. And I also love the variety of food options. I love that the city is a moderate size—small enough to have that community feel but large enough to feel metropolitan. I love that it is peaceful and safe, clean and beautiful, and that there is a priority placed on education here. I love that we have access to different interstates, which makes travel easier. I love the fact that everything my daughter and I need and want—from grocery stores to grooming and medical services for my dog, to banking and library and postal services, hotel options for visiting friends and family, medical services for my daughter, beauty options for me, entertainment, shopping and dining options for both of us and most important, quality education for my daughter—they’re all less than 15 minutes from our home.

What brought you to the decision to apply for the Hoover city position?

I didn’t want just any job. I wanted to work in a place where I felt my skills and talents could be utilized in various, meaningful ways. I wanted to work in an area I believed in. But I also wanted to be challenged to learn new things and to grow. And I wanted to be able to spend more quality time with my daughter. I felt the job as PIO of Hoover would allow for all that and more.

How does your experience in news compliment your new role with Hoover?

First of all, having to work with so many different people from so many backgrounds with so many different personalities is proving beneficial. The pressure of having to remain calm while writing meaningful stories against a deadline has helped. Also, having covered so many different stories on so many topics across the metro area has given me the background knowledge to apply when certain issues come before the city. I am excited that my experiences with shooting and editing video will translate into telling stories for the city soon.

How do you hope to impact the city administration and citizens of Hoover?

I hope my background in the media helps the city to do a better job of promoting all the services it offers. I hope I bring a new, fresh voice the city may not have heard from on different topics before. I hope to provide a calming, strong presence should storms arise. I hope to be a resource for the administration based on contacts and knowledge I have gathered about various topics and issues over the years that may ultimately affect the city. 

What is your favorite place to eat in Hoover, and why?

My favorite place is Dale’s Southern Grill because of their wonderful pot roast and incredible carrot soufflé. It has that family feel, courteous and friendly staff members and reasonable prices.

Where is your favorite place to shop in Hoover, and why?

That’s tough! I love Riverchase Galleria. I recently discovered a newer store called Ishi that has lots of quality, trendy styles that you won’t find everywhere. I also love some of my old favorites like Know Style and Express. And Macy’s is always a classic favorite. I also love Patton Creek. In fact, I just found a new boutique called Dear Prudence that I am really going to have a hard time staying away from. Just thinking about the cute styles are getting me excited!

What is something that no one knows about you?

I think a lot of people would be surprised to know I am a big Alfred Hitchcock fan, that I hope to one day be certified in American Sign Language and I am determined to buy my first Corvette once my daughter graduates high school. (Grey with red leather interior, in case you’re wondering.)

What is your earliest memory of Hoover after moving here? I do remember feeling—or knowing, rather—I was exactly where I belonged when I first moved here. I felt God blessed me with the apartment I had—the wonderful location and beautiful, kind neighbors.

How can Hoover be a leader and a positive example to communities and cities around us?

I think in many ways, Hoover already is a leader in the metro area when it comes to things like great education and quality of life. Recent situations present the opportunity to show how communities can come together and work together to have even more inclusion and unity. There is a desire and humility from many residents in the city to listen to their friends and neighbors and do the work it takes to get better. I think Hoover is already a great city. And I am excited to see how it will continue on the path it’s on to become even greater.