If there has ever been a constant in the city of Hoover, it is Lori Salter Schommer. For more than 32 years, Schommer has served the city starting out in Parks & Recreation as an administrative assistant and events coordinator before moving to the Mayor’s Office as the Public Information Officer in 2002. Lori has worked with former mayors Barbara McCollum, Tony Petelos and Gary Ivey, along with current Mayor Frank Brocato. On Oct. 1, Lori officially retired but says she will miss all the people that she worked with the most.

You have worked for the city of Hoover for more than 32 years. How did you start working for the city?

After graduating from Auburn, I applied for a job in Parks & Recreation and started working there.

What is something out of the ordinary or very interesting that you have encountered during your years with the city?

Working for four mayors was quite interesting! Too many stories to even start to tell. 

What will you miss about your job?

I know I will miss all the different people I interacted with daily.

What will it be like for you is just being a citizen of Hoover and not working for the city? What things do you look forward to?

I don’t think I’ll be any different…just the same ole Lori. 

What is one thing that people don’t know about you?

I was on the Dance Team at Auburn and secretly longed to be a Rockette!

Any pets? Tell me about them.

YES…can’t imagine life without animals! We have two cock-a-poos, Candi and Belle, that are so much fun and bring sheer joy to my life.

What is your favorite place to visit in Hoover?

I love Star Lake. I spent many lunch hours there. 

Now that you’re retired, what are some things you want to do more of in Hoover?

Throw away my appointment book, go with the flow, and have fun! 

What is your earliest memory of the city of Hoover?

Working with senior citizens to establish Hoover New Horizons.

What advice do you have for anyone working for the city?

As with any job, maintain your integrity and follow the Golden Rule.