Category: Why I Love Hoover

Why I Love Hoover: Larry Sparks

Larry Sparks is running half marathons one state at a time. He became an avid runner after serving in the military and decided to take on the state-by-state challenge. With a total of 20 runs in 17 states, he is well on his way...

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Why I Love Hoover: Phil Holmes

Now with a new website and a new office at Heardmont Park off Cahaba Valley Road, the Alabama Governor’s Commission on Physical Fitness and Sports is up and running and aims to keep the rest of us doing the same. Executive...

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Why I love Hoover: Lori Salter Schommer

If there has ever been a constant in the city of Hoover, it is Lori Salter Schommer. For more than 32 years, Schommer has served the city starting out in Parks & Recreation as an administrative assistant and events...

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