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Adde & Josh

Adde and Josh met at a Hoover High School football game, and the rest is history.

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Kaitlin & Adam

Adam drove Kaitlin around to some of their favorite spots, leading up to the big proposal.

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Caitlin & Conner

Caitlin and Conner’s love story is intertwined with the “Invisible String Theory.”

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Elizabeth & Paul

Paul proposed to Elizabeth on their flight Croatia, pleasantly surprising her, their friends and everyone else on board.

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Molly & Jon

Molly always teased Jon for not asking her to be his girlfriend on their first hike. When Jon proposed, he made sure to do so while hiking together.

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Lea & Mitch

Lea and Mitch met during their last semester of their senior year at the University of Alabama. They met through mutual friends at their favorite bar, Gallettes.

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