By Anna Grace Moore

Photos by Kelsea Schafer

Love is often referred to as a fine wine that only ages with perfection–much like a house that grows with the family living inside. Two intertwined in love yields a beautiful reflection of family–of purpose–that of which is raised in a haven called “home.”

Jordan and Aaron Hosey, who are a realtor-and-real estate developer dynamic duo, say the definition of home is where a family’s heart can flourish within each corner of every room. Standing more than 30-feet-tall with a charcoal and Alabaster brick, their Blackridge home fronts an innate depth quite architecturally accented by the brick’s polarizing color palette.

Stepping inside, one is ensued within a Bohemian rhapsody–bright teals, yellows, deep cognac and blacks mesh together in a cornucopia of color. Various textiles including suedes, leathers, wicker and metals have all been thoughtfully staged–representative of a charismatic blend of Jordan’s Middle Eastern and Aaron’s Southern American cultures.

Born in Dubai and raised in her “namesake” country, Jordan immigrated to the United States as a young teenager and was floored by the difference a home provides with a cultural appreciation for residential beauty.

“Where I grew up, everything was made out of concrete,” Jordan says. “It was very cold and did not have a lot of warmth to it. It wasn’t until I moved here that I was struck by how aesthetics and design layer different depths to create a [house’s] canvas.”

Jordan says she was tired of the “sterile gray” hues so many other house’s designs were based upon. She instead utilized deep, rich tones sparingly by matching hues within the artifacts adorning her walls and furniture, creating a subtle balance of moodier elements and calming auras in every room.

“When you put your heart into your home, it reflects your personality,” Jordan says.

Although, Jordan and Aaron’s family didn’t happen upon this “little bit of heaven” until they purchased the newly-built home in 2020. At the time, Jordan and Aaron were living in an 8,000 square-foot mansion on 20 acres in Helena.

Why would one ever want to give this up? Jordan says because the bigger a house becomes, the less connected the family becomes inside. All of this space meant nothing if her family could not spend quality time together without having to journey the “far corners of the house” just to see one another.

When asked why they moved to Blackridge, Jordan says the community here is rich in fellowship. Living here feels like enjoying a “piece of tranquility.”

“It brings me comfort, being able to hear my children,” Jordan says of their home now. “I can feel my children. When a home is too big, you lose yourself in it. Heaven alone is hell, and I live by that.”

As aesthetically pleasing as the Hosey home may be, what makes it even more beautiful is the love Aaron and Jordan have for each other, their children and every person who they welcome in with open arms.

If a home is only as good as the people inside who are willing to love one another well, Jordan and Aaron’s home is a beautiful model for all.

Face of the Home

The Blackridge community was built by Signature Homes.

The Kitchen

Jordan and Aaron’s kitchen is the only room in the house with a white and gray color scheme. They spruced it up by adding wicker-wrapped bar chairs and “accent pieces” for pops of color.

Keeping it Fall, Y’all!

Jordan credits Restyle Staging and Home Therapy, LLC for her home’s decorative touches.

The Pantry

Jordan’s walk-in, ceiling-high pantry is compliments of Kyra with BP Mom’s Assistant.

The Living Room

This “cloud couch” as Jordan calls it is her favorite piece of furniture in the house. One simply sinks into the cushions, feeling as though they’re resting on clouds. She was gifted this after selling a client’s home.

The Living Room Fireplace

Living Room Decor

This mirror and deer skull is but one of example of the couple’s Bohemian-Southern-style design.

The Dining Room

Jordan opted for a sandalwood round table with French country-style chairs for her dining room set-up.

The Master Bedroom

An NFL player purchased Jordan and Aaron’s Helena home completely furnished–meaning Jordan and Aaron sold everything in their home, even down to the kitchen spatulas. Jordan rented a U-Haul, drove to Nashville and purchased $25,000 worth of furniture from Sara Sells–the vendor of which the majority of her home’s furniture is from–to furnish their Blackridge home.

Master Bedroom Details

Jordan’s Bohemian style is evident in the suede and carpeted pillows, the Moroccan wood-detailing in her headboard and the deep hues throughout the room’s aesthetic.

The Master Bathroom

Every bathroom should have his and hers sinks, a free-standing tub and a walk-in shower, Jordan says.

Walk-in Closet

Not pictured are a washer and dryer machine, which making doing laundry quite efficient when one only has to walk a few feet to put away clothes.

The Upstairs Lounge

Jordan and Aaron have three children who each have their own rooms upstairs, including this shared “commons room,” where they can enjoy spending time together.

Aiden’s Room

The youngest Hosey, Aiden, has a tree-house-themed room complete with a tipi trundle bed.