“It is all new, but the same great shop.” That’s what David Cohen, proprietor of The Whole Scoop Ice Cream Shop, says after they moved from their original location of eight years on South Shades Crest Road to the new Village at Brock’s Gap in May. We recently spoke to the ice cream man about his new location, why he loves what he does and why he loves Hoover.

What is the best aspect of having your business in Hoover?

I really like being part of the Hoover Community and being part of it means getting to know people and supporting them, whether that support is hosting the Hoover High School Choir after a performance, participating in the Hope for Autumn Crayfish Boil for charity or giving someone a hug and sharing a cry after losing a loved one.

When did you make the decision to move to the new Brock’s Gap location?

We signed the lease for Brock’s Gap Village three years ago. So patience has truly been a needed blessing. We have about 100 square feet more space for our customers, a great front patio area with umbrella tables and we were able to hang up our old sign inside to give the shop a cool feeling. It’s all the same in a new location.

What is your favorite flavor?

I can’t have just one! Today it’s Raspberry Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Brownie, Coffee Almond Fudge and, of course, Sea Turtle Salted Caramel.

How have you seen Hoover grow in the last few years?

I have seen more people open small businesses. I enjoy seeing the entrepreneurial spirit of locals who want to invest in their community

Simply, why do you love Hoover? 

I love Hoover because I get to be who I am supposed to be. And that is why I thoroughly enjoy our shop. It has been so great for our family. We have been able to make lasting relationships. It’s been a great eight years that we have been open. I have gotten to see families get together and father-daughter date nights. First dates and proposals. First games and state championships celebrations. New babies and tearful goodbyes. First days of school and graduations. Beginnings and endings. And everything in between. I am very excited about what the future holds for us.