When life gives you a pandemic, you tell pandemic stories. Here’s our collection of tales of weddings far from Plan A, community members serving those in need and more.

How Hoover City Schools is Helping Feed Kids in Need

August/September Issue

We chatted with Hoover City Schools’ Child Nutrition Program director about the Summer Feeding Program and how it went into action on the fly when the COVID-19 quarantine began. Here’s our interview with her.

On the Front Lines

December/January Issue

This medical provider journeyed to something bigger than herself in the ground zero of New York City’s COVID-19 pandemic this spring. Read her story here.

Live Like Chloe

December/January Issue

2020 Hoover High graduate Chloe Rollins’ taught those around her to love big and believe anything is possible. Here’s our tribute to this life that was lost to COVID-19.

Defining the Two Americas

October/November Issue

Two Bluff Park musicians aren’t shying away from talking about race on their new podcast—and there’s a healthy dose of humor in it too. Read our interview with them here.

The Key to Change

August/September Issue

In the wake of national and local events, two pastors sat down to talk about race relations and how a Christian view of the Bible informs them. Here’s what they had to share.

Surprised by Joy: A Quarantine Wedding

June/July Issue

Keri McLendon and Charles Hyde’s wedding didn’t go as planned in quarantine but was still beautiful in its own way. Read their story here.

Dear Class of 2020

June/July Issue

Senior year might have ended abruptly and robbed of many traditions, but there was much to reflect on for this class. Here’s what they had to share.