Mimi Avery and Noele Anglin offer stylish Christian apparel.

Mimi Avery and Noele Anglin offer stylish Christian apparel.

After noticing a lack of stylish women’s apparel specifically designed to carry a Christian message, friends Noele Anglin and Mimi Avery put their heads together to create a clothing line. They wanted to tap into this market to help others be a Christian witness to those they encounter while wearing the apparel.

“There were many tees for men and children out there, but mostly we saw big, boxy tees for women,” Anglin says. “We wanted to offer something that was casual yet pretty enough for women to wear with jeans or shorts.”

Anglin, a Virginia native, and Avery, who grew up in Vestavia, both moved to Hoover more than 20 years ago. In 2006, the two joined with a third partner to form an online boutique. While sitting at a kitchen table brainstorming ideas to fit their mission, they said it, almost in unison: Majestees. That settled it.

“It was the perfect name,” Avery says. “We have to admit that it must have been given to us from God because it fit so perfectly.”

Creations from Majestees.com are more than just T-shirts with a cross and a nice Bible verse on the front. They are wearable works of art with a message.

“Women love fashionable items and will often comment on someone’s shirt or necklace,” Avery says. “That opens the door for all kinds of conversations. Some of those interactions may only be for a moment, but God can use that. Others may last longer with sharing, encouragement and love. God can definitely use that.”

Majestees’ designs fit all aspects of the modern woman’s life, whether she is at the office, carpooling her children, running errands, out with friends or dressed up for Sunday morning church.

“We want our tees to go anywhere,” Avery says. The collection began with two designs that remain steady sellers even after eight years. One design focuses on a large, teal cross inspired by a cross in Anglin’s house. It is a clean, crisp, bold design.

“We have since had that cross cast in pewter as a necklace, and people love it,” Anglin adds.

The second shirt created by Majestees was created with a friend in mind who was going through an illness. The shirt features a stylized angel with a flowing skirt. In the skirt are the words, “She is clothed with strength and dignity,” from Proverbs 31. “It is a beautiful, subtle design,” Anglin says.

“People look at it for quite a while just seeming to ‘take it in.’ They then see the scripture. We have heard many people’s stories through the years of someone buying this shirt for a friend who needs encouragement or who has been an encouragement to them,” Avery says.

The crosses and scripture on Majestees’ products are meant to be a reminder to the one wearing it, as well as to those who see it.

“There is something mysterious about the lives of those who walk with Christ that entices others to want to know more,” Avery says. “We hope that wearing our products gives people opportunities to share their walk with Christ to others.”

The creative ladies also offer jewelry – such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings – to accessorize their tees. They also sell belt buckles and bags.

“Jewelry took off,” Avery says. “We began by embellishing chains that we found with crosses that we thought accented them well. We found that not only did individuals want to wear our jewelry, but store owners wanted it for their shops.” Majestees’ handcrafted jewelry is shipped to 40 states.

“Our biggest seller is a bracelet that Noele designed with a large cross on a chain with leather and pearls. It takes several steps to complete, but it is a beautiful piece,” Avery says.

Anglin and Avery both say they are blessed to work on all aspects of their business together and watch it grow.

With a website up and running, costumers can shop their tees (both men and women), necklaces, bracelets, earrings, buckles, hand-painted frames and notecards in the online boutique. They can also be found on Facebook and hold shows throughout the year.

For more information, visit Majestees.com.

[This article originally ran in the March issue of Hoover’s Magazine. Pick up your free copy at one of these locations.]