When flu season hits, St. Vincent’s Urgent Care is there


By Stephanie Holderby


The beginning of a new year is an exciting time. You want to start the year off on the right foot by planning resolutions to cut back on sweets and hit the gym each week, but sometimes flu season has other plans.

The symptoms can hit out of nowhere, and it’s especially important if you suspect you have the flu to see a doctor as soon as possible in order to begin medication that can help lessen the severity and length of symptoms.

Luckily, the St. Vincent’s Urgent Care on the St. Vincent’s One Nineteen campus is open after hours and on the weekends to help fill the gap when you and your family need medical care fast, outside of the typical physician’s office hours.

In an effort to make these services as convenient as possible for you, we’re now also offering online check-in for urgent care at Stvurgentcare.com. When you check in online, you’ll get a confirmation notice alerting you to when you can expect to be seen by a physician. This allows you to wait in the comfort of your own home for longer when you’re not feeling well.

While we do see a lot of cold and flu patients this time of year, the physicians at St. Vincent’s Urgent Care are ready to treat a wide variety of ailments such a cuts that may require stitches, sprains, allergies, minor burns, eye infection and most of your urgent, yet non-emergency, health needs.

With walk-in care, minimal wait times, on-site diagnostics and lower overall cost than an emergency room visit (usually including a lower co-payment), St. Vincent’s Urgent Care provides convenient and cost-effective care for many area residents.

Once you leave St. Vincent’s Urgent Care, we also want to ensure there’s follow-up with your primary care physician. That’s why we share your urgent care treatment, so they can include it as part of your overall medical record. It’s important that they have a full picture of your medical history, as they are managing your long-term health and wellness.

And if you don’t have a primary care physician, St. Vincent’s can offer a referral, so you can form this key relationship with a physician.

St. Vincent’s Urgent Care is located at 7191 Cahaba Valley Road right off U.S. 280 on Alabama 119. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 1-9 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday, 9 a.m.-6 p.m. No appointment is necessary, but you can reserve your spot online at Stvurgentcare.com. For more information, visit our website or call (205) 408-2366.


Stephanie Holderby is vice president of operations at St. Vincent’s Ambulatory Healthcare Network and executive director at St. Vincent’s One Nineteen.