The Cajun Cleaver owner


Photo by Emily Sparacino

Cajun food isn’t just a mealtime staple for Nick Morris; it’s a huge part of his job. Morris owns The Cajun Cleaver, a specialty butcher shop he opened in Hoover nearly eight years ago. The shop offers people a taste of Louisiana in its specialty meats, homemade entreés, specialty items (think boudin and crawfish etouffée) and sides. Everything can be washed down with something from the shop’s generous selection of wine and bottled or tap beer. One thing’s for sure: Morris isn’t letting his customers go hungry or thirsty.

Since opening in 2009, has The Cajun Cleaver undergone any changes?

We have expanded our selection since we first opened in 2009. One of the most recent additions is a cooler that we stock with prepared fresh meals that just need to be reheated for an easy dinner. When we first opened, most of our prepared food was frozen so it created a challenge for a last-minute dinner option for families who were on the go.

Why is Cajun food so good, in your opinion?

Cajun food is good because it is so diverse. Everyone has a different recipe for almost every dish that is “Cajun.” It can be comfort food or dressed up to be a 5-star dinner at a restaurant.

Which dish on the menu is your personal favorite?

I love our Chicken Sausage Gumbo. It’s the type of gumbo that I grew up eating. We used smoked chicken and our own house-made andouille to make it.

What’s a common piece of advice you give to customers about grilling or cooking meats they buy at the shop?

Use a meat thermometer to know when it’s done. It’s great to have a general idea of how long something takes to cook, but every piece of meat is different so to get it cooked perfectly you need a thermometer.

Do you have anything new in the works for The Cajun Cleaver?

We are trying to get on board with the delivery trend. Hopefully by early next year, we will have an option for you to have our prepared foods or meats delivered to your doorstep.