February 23, 2019

How You Met: We met at a Young Professionals small group through church. He (Alan) walked up to me (Amanda) with an unshaven mustache that was supposed to be a joke, asking my name and if I liked tacos.

The Proposal: His family was gracious enough to invite me on a cruise. He blocked off the back balcony one night (unknown to me), and we watched the sunset before he eventually got down on one knee.

Favorite Moments: 1) As we were walking back down the aisle, we saw the faces of those we love most and heard gleeful cheers, and I felt so happy to be with my favorite person. My new husband dipped me into a big kiss then looked me in the eyes and we laughed. 2) My bridesmaids tried to convince me that if rain on your wedding day is good luck, tornados on your wedding day must be “super good luck.” 3) During the reception, our amazing DJ formed a Congo line with my husband and me at the front. When it came back around to the dance floor our DJ arranged the rest of the line to dance around us in a circle that kept getting closer. 4) My wedding planner arranged a sweet secret dinner in the wine cellar for my hubby and me after the ceremony and pictures. 5) Alan’s favorite: When the music began and he got to see everyone walking down the aisle and remembering all the memories, special moments and reasons why they were walking down the aisle towards him—especially the last person to walk towards him.

Favorite Wedding Details: Flowers and food! Our florist did so amazing, but at the entry / guest book was a European mount of an Elk that my father killed and the florist put flowers all around it and made it look amazing. I am a big hunter and that was very special to me.

What You Are Doing Now: I (Amanda) am working in human resources while pursuing an MBA. Alan currently works in finance. We have two kitties, enjoy riding horses, playing piano, working out together, video games and still dating!

• • •

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Wedding Venue: B&A Warehouse

Wedding Planner: Jackie Rowell Events

Florist: Hothouse Design Studio

Caterer: B&A

Cake: Magic Muffin

Invitations: Pat Campbell

Wedding Dress: Ivory & White
Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal

Hair & Makeup: Morgan Johnson

Groom/Groomsmen Attire: Mr Burch

Music: DJ Prez (reception) and Music Excursion – Joyce Terry (ceremony – cello violin and piano)