August 18, 2018

How We Met: Cannon and I (Alexandria) met right before we went to college. My two roommates and I wanted to have the coolest dorm room on our floor, so we went to Dorm Sweet Dorm. Little did I know I would find something even more important than the cutest dorm bedding. The owner, Sheri Corey, found out we were going to Ole Miss and would not let us leave without meeting her son, Cannon. Cannon and I became great friends and constantly were hanging out. Two years into college, Cannon decided he wanted to be more than friends and asked me to be his girlfriend. I turned him down thinking he was crazy. That did stop Cannon, but finally I gave in. Easily the best decision I ever made.

The Proposal: Four years later, we both came back to Birmingham. Cannon had just bought a house. His mom and I decided to throw him a house-warming party. All of our friends and family were on the way over. All of the sudden, Cannon’s mom started getting nervous that the catering company had forgotten buns for the barbecue. Cannon, always the problem-solver, volunteered us to go get the buns. We walked outside, and right there in the middle of our yard, he proposed! One year later on Aug. 18, 2018, we had the best day of our lives at our “big fat Greek wedding.” We were surrounded by all of our friends and family and the best band. I even got Cannon to learn how to Greek dance. Overall, we had the best experience and could not have asked for a better day.

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Wedding Venue: Rosewood Hall

Florist: Stems and Styles

Wedding Planner: Ashley Copeland

Caterer: George Sarris and Yellow Bicycle

Videographer: On-Site

Cakes: Pastry Art

Invitations: Print Smart

Music: Just A Few Cats

Groom’s Attire: Mr Burch

Hair and Makeup: Samantha Harper