Find treasures and unique items at Alford Avenue Antiques & Vintage

For Sandra Plenty DeMoss, the love of antiques is a way of life and in her blood. She recalls the wonderful pieces in her grandmother’s home that were “lived in” and used, but well cared for. 

“No plastic covers there,” she recounts. “When I have seen things that remind me of my grandparents furniture, I have always been drawn to them. I began to acquire like items from all over and in the process became addicted to antiques and estate sales.”

A few years after getting hooked on antiques, DeMoss established her own estate sales business and sold her fabulous finds at various booths in antique malls. But, she needed something a little more, something with strong community ties and a neighborhood atmosphere. 

DeMoss found the place in an empty storefront right off of I-65 entering Hoover, and Alford Avenue Antiques & Vintage was born. 

“I loved the location — especially the large open windows,” DeMoss explains. With the help of her team and husband, the store opened in May across the street from Ali’s BP gas station.

“We are a small store with big style — no divided booth here,” DeMoss says. “There are a few renters but not in the usual divided booth fashion.” 

The store has a combination of store-owned and consignment items expertly positioned in an open-floor plan for easy viewing. This type of floor plan also allows them to display how different items — even from different time periods — can work together. 

“Antiques get people talking through a common interest in treasures from the past and most importantly, demonstrates to those who haven’t really considered purchasing or decorating with antiques how to incorporate those inherited heirlooms in their home,” DeMoss says.

The team at Alford Avenue Antiques continuously seeks items that are in good condition including vintage, antique or “like new” items for the shop. Consignors are welcome as well, and the staff is more than willing to help identify which pieces are the best fit to sell at the store.

For their customers, there are great items for all budgets and styles. Every piece in the shop is researched and priced 10 to 15 percent below online pricing. New arrivals are listed on the shop’s social media pages and website, including items like chenille pillows, vintage Henredon furniture,handmade vintage linens, afghans, china, glassware and collectables like retired Hummel and Lladro Porcelain figurines. One very interesting item for sale is a vintage unsigned Tiffany Jack-in-the-Pulpit vase. This item is open for private showings.

Large furniture pieces like 100-year-old corner cabinets, desks, mirrors, dressers and furnishings are available. For holidays, birthdays or special occasions, gift bags and baskets are created to mix fun vintage finds with modern gifts and goodies.

DeMoss continues with her estate sale business as well, combining it with the shop. “We conduct organized and profitable estate sales for individuals, estate attorneys and real estate partners,” she adds. The estate sale service has expanded to include packing and clean-up services to make the transition for downsizing, decluttering or moving more seamless for their clients.

The response from the community has been great, say DeMoss and the staff at Alford Avenue Antiques. “We have met the most wonderful customers and visitors to our store. They have complimented us on how uncluttered, high-styled, neat and clean-smelling our store is,” DeMoss beams. “I want this to be another place to share local history by longtime residents and enthusiasts: a place for collectors to share their knowledge.”

For Sandra Plenty DeMoss, opening her antique store is a dream come true. “I am a military transplant who has lived many places around the world all my life with my parents. Mommy educated children with special needs, and Daddy pursued a career in the Air Force. I greatly appreciate my dad’s service and all who serve and have served our country so that we can retain the privilege to pursue the American dream. Alford Avenue Antiques & Vintage is part of my American dream,” DeMoss says.

In the months ahead, DeMoss plans to create opportunities for local artists and start-ups to showcase their goods at her store, and she wants to eventually feature artists in the parking lot during tent sales. 

Flash sales and events are announced across social media including their Facebook and Instagram pages. Visit Alford Avenue Antiques online at